Wednesday, September 11

With preschool comes sickness...

Well, the twins promptly got sick their first week of preschool... They were only there on Tues and Thurs morning, and by Thurs night they were both congested. I think this was the first time they have been sick in over a year! Of course they shared the cold with everyone else... It seems to have hit me the hardest. It all settled right down into my chest, and I feel awful. The kids are all fine now. It amazes me how quickly they bounce back! I will probably be sick for two weeks!

Speaking of preschool, they are doing awesome! They both cried the first 2 days (me too), but yesterday Diz managed to hold it together. I could tell she wanted to cry, though. Her little lip was trembling, and she was blinking her eyes rapid fire to hold the tears back. Meanwhile, Cam let loose and laid in the floor in a puddle of tears. I am crossing my fingers for NO tears tomorrow... Wish me luck!

Not much else to report today. Just ready for everyone to be well again!

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