Wednesday, March 14

AW Alert!

Camille has made AMAZING progress recently! She has been in PT since January, and she is finally starting to build some strength. We bought her some "hip helper" shorts, and I swear, these things are magical! All of the sudden, she can lock her knees and bear weight on her legs! She is also finally showing some interest in moving. It's actually to the point where she is getting frustrated, which is such a good sign. before, she was content to lay back or just be held, but now she really wants to crawl around like her sister.

The PT told me that when she first saw Camille, she was terrified that she had Cerebral Palsy or something equally terrifying. But after working with her for 3 months, she no longer thinks there is any underlying issue causing her delays. Our theory is that she didn't move enough in the womb, and thus didn't have the same type of muscle development that Elizabeth had. And it is true--every ultrasound I had (and there were probably 30 of them) showed that Camille was crammed way down into my cervix, curled up in a little ball. Meanwhile, Dizzy was bouncing around/kicking Cam in the head/showing off for us. I am really hopeful that Cam will be all caught up in the next few months. Cross your fingers for us! I have been fighting with Early Steps and my insurance company to get her in to see an Occupational Therapist and a Developmental Pediatrician, but now I am hoping that she won't even need them.

As for Miss Dizzy, she is doing great! She has been cruising for months, and is now standing without holding onto anything. I bet she will be walking soon. I wouldn't be surprised if it was before 11 months. Her personality has also started to emerge more, and she is SO funny! She is also a bit of a bulldozer, and often crawls right over Camille to get to something (usually food).

Avery is still the ever helpful big sis. She is also going on her first plane ride today! We took her up in a helicopter for her 4th birthday, and had planned to do a plane ride on her 5th. But when we got to the airport, we were informed that the plane was "acting funny" and wouldn't be going up again that day. She was really bummed and has patiently waited for a year and a half. I am sad that I won't be there to see it, but D promised to take tons of pictures!

Time to get back to the real world... I will update on our move/house hunt later. And, of course, pictures of the plane ride!

Tuesday, February 21

I knew I would be a blogger fail...

Ah, well, life gets in the way. What can I say?

Things are moving so quickly. Avery is 6 and the twins will be 10 months next week. Why does my life have to pass so quickly?

There was big news in our house over the holiday season. David accepted an Assistant Professor position at the University of Missouri! So, assuming all goes as planned, we will be making the big move sometime in mid-June. I am excited and terrified at the same time.

All the kids are doing well. Avery is performing wonderfully in school, and has made many friends. Elizabeth is crawling all over the place, and dangerously close to walking. Her personality is really starting to form, and she makes me laugh on a daily basis. Camille gets stronger every day it seems. She has been in PT for a few months now, and just yesterday she stood up for the first time!

Lots more to update on, but little time. Hope to carve out some time tonight to get into all the dirty details...