About Me

Hi! I'm J--Government Slave, and I am married to D--Student Extraordinaire. We live in Florida with our 3 beautiful girls A (1/5/06) C (4/29/11) and E (4/29/11). Within the next year, D will have a PhD in hand and we will be moving on to bigger and better things. Or so we hope.

The name of this blog was inspired by my mom. I grew up in a small town that only had a few school buses. Kids from kindergarten to 12th grade had to ride together. As a small, shy 5 year old, I was bullied by some of the older kids. They wouldn't let me have a seat on the bus, so I had to ride standing up. When my mom found out, she was furious. She met with the school board and insisted that I have an assigned seat on the bus. For about a week afterward, she came to the school every day to watch me load the bus and sit safely in my seat. She followed us all the way home.

This became a metaphor for any issues I faced during childhood. If I got harassed or mistreated by someone at school, here came mom to follow the bus. Sent home for a ridiculous dress code violation? There she was, right behind the bus again... She still "follows my bus" to this day, fighting for me if there has been some perceived wrongdoing.

Now that I am grown with my own three girls, it is my turn to follow the bus. But something tells me that mom won't be far behind, following the, umm, bus follower. :-)