Thursday, September 5

Naps make me a better mom

The twins started part time preschool this week. They will only go on Tuesday and Thursday from 9-1 and, really, the only reason we enrolled them is because they desperately need socialization. They have gotten too used to the world I have created for them at home, and its to the point that any change in their routine or surroundings sends them into hysterics. They freaked out the other day simply because I moved my cell phone charger from its usual spot on the counter! And don't even get me started on Camille's fear of hair...

Anyway, an added bonus of preschool is that I got a NAP Tuesday! What a thing of beauty it was! I'm pretty sure that 45 minute nap transformed me into mother of the year, because yesterday we had the best day ever. I took the twins to gymnastics at 9:15 and since we had about an hour to kill between the end of class and when we needed to hit the road for our CSA pick up, I decided to take all 3 itty bitty's to IHOP. By myself. I won't even pretend like I wasn't terrified. But everyone did so well! The twins sat in booster seats like big girls and just took in the world around them. Maren nursed and slept happily in the Beco while the rest of us ate. Camille and Elizabeth loved their pancakes (and added ketchup--yuck).

While we were eating, we were approached by 3 different sets of adult twins that wanted to chat. I kept thinking about how cool it was that they were all just hanging out, having breakfast together on a random Wednesday morning. I hope my girls are always that close.

I can't even count the number of people that commented on how well behaved my girls were. It made me feel so good! I guess I need not be scared of taking them places by myself anymore. 

After breakfast, we headed out to the farm (an hour drive each way) to pick up our box of produce for the week. The girls helped me fill up our box and didn't whine at all during the drive. I am a very lucky mama.

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