Thursday, September 26

Picture day at preschool!

Well, round 1 of picture taking was only halfway successful. Camille was in mega meltdown mode when I dropped them off, and they planned to do the pictures at drop off (before everyone got dirty). Much to the teachers surprise, Camille turned off the waterworks and turned on the charm. She sat in the chair, posing and smiling. Diz, on the other hand, laid in the floor and screamed. Wouldn't even sit in the chair. So they got no pictures of her.

When I picked them up, I took them in the room where they have all the equipment set up so they could "show me". I sat in the chair and put Diz in my lap and talked about how we will go back tonight with Avery and Maren to take pictures. She seemed excited, so hopefully that will help. I so badly want a picture of all 4 girls! I'm so glad this photographer is giving us the chance to bring siblings in. I've been wanting to do family pictures for a while, but the thought of paying a session fee and then having 1 (or all) of the kids melt down doesn't make me happy.

On another note, they get a daily report, and one of the areas on the form says "Today your child liked..." and Dizzy's said "anything Camille had". Ha! Oh how true that is. Every time Cam picks something up, Diz says "mine!" and follows Cam trying to snatch it from her. Cam always gives it to her and gets something else, but then Diz wants THAT thing... At one point yesterday she was holding 4 toys, all snatched from Cam haha. But the teacher said Cam had no problem standing up for herself today, so that's good...

Cross your fingers for us tonight! Their photo appt is an hour and a half after bedtime, so I'm kind of hoping they will be delirious and giggly by then...

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