Wednesday, June 25

Something is wrong with Maren

About a month ago, Maren had an "episode". She basically lost muscle control and couldn't stand up no matter how many times she tried. She would get about halfway there and then fall straight backwards. She was also crawling very erratically. It just so happened that she'd had 5 shots that day, and we also found out through bloodwork that she was severely anemic. At the time I thought that her system was just completely overwhelmed and that was the reason for her dizzy spell. Well, it happened again last night. I scooped her up and took her to the ER right away. I showed the Dr a video of the episode, and he thought it was likely some type of seizure, though a very atypical one. So we followed up with her regular pediatrician's office today, and after seeing 4 doctors, they all agreed that there is something neurological going on. So she will be going in tomorrow for a brain MRI as well as an EEG.

To say I am nervous is an understatement. Seeing how perplexed and concerned the doctors were really bothered me. And even after everything I went through with Avery, I always felt so fortunate that her issues could be fixed. The thought of Maren having a lifelong seizure disorder is enough to make me want to break down. I am trying not to think the worst, but it is so hard. I just want my baby to be Ok.

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